Insurance Agents


The world of health insurance is complex and constantly changing. For an agent to successfully grow his/her business, it is imperative they have knowledgeable and trustworthy associates. Sage Insurance Advisors is that associate.

Sage Insurance Advisors helps agents grow their business they way want to grow it.

For those who want to be a health insurance agent, Sage will help them:

  • Train and certify to represent the leading companies in the industry
  • Locate prospects
  • Give compliant, effective presentations
  • Enroll new members
  • Keep their members

For agents who specialize in other areas but want to serve and protect their clients, Sage can help your clients:

  • Understand their Medicare options
  • Select and enroll in the plan they feel most effectively meets their needs
  • Answer questions they may have after the sale
  • Send the referring agent a┬ácheck for their referral

For more information, call 888-471-4497.